#5 Help will always be given at CommOps to those who ask for it.
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  • Name: Dhanesh B. Sabane
  • FAS username: dhanesh95
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  • Who is your story about?: Justin W. Flory, Remy DeCausemaker
  • What is their FAS username?: jflory7, decause


I was in the third year of my CS graduation course when I started exploring Open Source communities and Fedora in particular. As someone who was completely new to almost everything, it was tough to get started. After creating my FAS ID back in September 2015, I remained a spectator for the next few months all the while trying to find some ground. At the end of my semester, April 2016, I decided to take action and joined the CommOps group - my first step towards being a Fedora contributor. I dropped by at one of the meetings and that's when I met Justin and Remy. Both of them helped me understand the way CommOps works and I was fortunate enough to get assigned a task at my first meeting itself. (Thanks Justin and Remy for trusting a complete newbie :blush: ) As it was my first task, Remy was always around to help me and answer all of my newbie questions.

Over the next couple of years, I worked on quite a few things in CommOps and a couple of tasks in Marketing, all thanks to Justin. He also helped me with an IRC bouncer which I very much rely on for all my communication related to Fedora. He always has this positive energy around him and his zeal to always do more for the community really inspires me. We, in CommOps, always joke around about Justin having minions to help out with all his tasks because he is always ahead of everyone in the team. He is the kind of person who'll always stay true to the "Friends" foundation. The kind of person you can look up to and feel free to ask for any kind of help.

If I were to wish for something, I'd wish to get as much knowledge as Remy and the same enthusiasm as Justin's. Thank you Remy and Justin for everything!

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Hi, thank you for submitting a story for Fedora Appreciation Week 2018! We were happy to feature a number of stories on the Community Blog this year and you were a part of this effort.

You can find all 2018 Contributor Stories here.

Thanks again, and please consider sharing another story here for Appreciation Week 2019. :smile:

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