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About you

  • Preferred name: Bhavin (bhavin192)
  • Remain anonymous?: No

About your story

  • Who is your story about?: Sundeep, Parag, Kushal, Sinny, ClĂ©ment
  • What is/are their FAS username(s)?: suanand, pnemade, kushal, sinnykumari, cverna

My contributor story

It all started with installing Fedora 24 on my laptop. When I saw it during a workshop, I was really impressed by the interface and after that, it has been Fedora everywhere.
As me, akshay196 and few of my classmates were only users of Fedora at our university, we started to promote it among other students. It is fun to organize release parties and help others to install Fedora on their laptops. Later I started contributing to Transtats (tool to help g11n related tasks of package maintainers easy) with help of suanand. I learned a lot of new things while doing that.
I started participating in various test days. I learned a few things related to rpm packaging from pnemade and kushal.
Thanks to sinnykumari, I felt really welcoming when I attended CoreOS and Silverblue APAC meetings. Hopefully, I will contribute to those projects in some way.
cverna helped me to get started in picking up issues from Container SIG. As containers are something I really like, this is super fun for me :smile:

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