#14 Encouraging crazy ideas
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My contributor story

As part of the Marketing team we share some ideas and I came up with the idea of doing a podcast. It was a target that was a little explored in the past, but no with the Fedora Brand officially. I met Brian in person at PerĂº doing some Ambassadors stuff and I ask Brian: "Hey I have this idea of making a Podcast, nothing too big like the Command Line Heroes from RedHat, but something to reach that public and introduce the Fedora Community with some interviews", and his answer was so incredible: "What do you need?"

I started to think, well, I have no experience with this, but probably a hosting, and after I pay myself for this service and reach my first interview, Brian ask me: "Why are you doing this alone? Let's allocate some budget, pay for the accounts you need, maybe getting you a Microphone, also a good idea is to have subtitles or something written". His support was awesome and it makes the Podcast so successful.

Thanks Brian for encourage us to work, your an inspiration for us.

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Hi, thank you for submitting a story for Fedora Appreciation Week 2018! We were happy to feature a number of stories on the Community Blog this year and you were a part of this effort.

You can find all 2018 Contributor Stories here.

Thanks again, and please consider sharing another story here for Appreciation Week 2019. :smile:

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