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My contributor story

I was looking for something to do inside the community on 2016, I wasn't a developer or a designer, my work was on the telecom industry, so I just start looking the teams and joining IRC rooms. At some point I found the Marketing team, the work was to design strategies, that sounds really good because it wasn't technical. I join the first meeting and with a little of fear I raise my hand and say: "I think I can do that". Then Justin without any hesitation wrote:
#action x3mboy will send the email to the teams asking for the Talking Points.
I was totally afraid, it was my first interaction in the community and I was sending emails to the working teams that make this awesome distro to work. But his confidence in assign this taask to me in my first meeting teaches me something awesome: You gain trust by working, the oportunity is there, just take it.

After a while, Justin start to be too busy with other teams and personal stuff and I just start to lead the marketing team. After that, we became personal friends, and I'm really proud of it.

Thanks so much for that first oportunity and thanks for being my friend.

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Hi @x3mboy, thanks again. :blush:

Thanks for submitting stories for Fedora Appreciation Week 2018! We were happy to feature a number of stories on the Community Blog this year and you were a part of this effort.

You can find all 2018 Contributor Stories here.

Thanks again, and please consider sharing another story here for Appreciation Week 2019. :smile:

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