#23 Generated SRPM does not match contents of PR
Opened a year ago by mizdebsk. Modified a year ago

In pull request 1 for rpms/apache-ivy in Fedora dist-git , test for commit d6e6d4c corresponds to Koji task ID 30045858. But spec file present in SRPM uploaded to Koji does not match spec file in the pull request.

Steps to reproduce:

  • koji download-task --arch src 30045858
  • rpm2cpio apache-ivy-2.4.0-15.fc30.src.rpm | pax -r
  • git clone https://src.fedoraproject.org/forks/mkoncek/rpms/apache-ivy.git
  • cd ./apache-ivy/
  • git checkout d6e6d4c
  • git diff ../apache-ivy.spec apache-ivy.spec

Actual result:
- git diff shows that spec file cotained in SRPM and spec file in git commit from which SRPM was supposedly built differ.

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