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Created 6 years ago
Maintained by pingou
Simple CI application doing scratch builds on pull-requests
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`Fedmsg <http://fedmsg.com>`_ consumer that listens to `pagure over dist-git
<https://src.fedoraproject.org>`_ messages for new pull-request being opened or
existing pull-requests being updated, triggers a scratch build in Koji and
report the build outcome to the pull-request.

Set up your environment with::

    $ virtualenv my-env --system-site-packages
    $ source my-env/bin/activate

    $ python setup.py develop
    $ python setup.py build

Install the custom mock configuration::

    $ cp simple_koji_ci.cfg /etc/mock/

And then run it with::

    $ fedmsg-hub

It should pick up the simple-koji-ci consumer and start running.


0. Create a virtualenv, then install deps and the hotness itself with ``python setup.py develop``
1. Can you run it?  Try running ``PYTHONPATH=. fedmsg-hub`` in your virtualenv.
   Does it look like it starts without tracebacks?
2. You may need to edit ``fedmsg.d/simple-koji-ci-example.py`` and fill in the
   'simple-koji-ci.pagure_token' configuration key
7. In another terminal run ``fedmsg-tail --really-pretty``.  It should start up