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CI Metadata Specification
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This is Fedora CI Metadata Specification which defines that all data needed for test execution in the CI system are stored as a plain text information in Flexible Metadata Format under version control in the git repository close to the test code or source code. FMF uses YAML to store data in a concise human and machine readable way plus adds a few nice features like virtual hierarchy, inheritance and elasticity to minimize data duplication and maintenance. There are two levels of metadata defined:

L1 Metadata

These are test metadata closely related to individual test cases for which it make sense to store them directly with the test code. Examples of such metadata are summary, description, duration or tags. See Level 1 Metadata section for more detailed information and list of already defined attributes.

L2 Metadata

These are CI metadata which contain information for execution of multiple test cases such as how the environment for testing should be prepared, which set of test cases is relevant for testing specific artifact or which frameworks should be used for execution. See Level 2 Metadata section for detailed specification.