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Created by pingou 11 months ago
The Flag Build-O-Matic
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Pierre-Yves Chibon committed 11 months ago

Flag Build-O-Matic (fbom)

Fedmsg consumer that listens to koji builds messages for change in build status and for every successful builds, retrieve the git commit the build originated from and flag that commit in pagure over dist-git.

Set up your environment with:

$ virtualenv my-env --system-site-packages
$ source my-env/bin/activate

$ python setup.py develop
$ python setup.py build

And then run it with:

$ fedmsg-hub

It should pick up the fbom consumer and start running.


  1. Create a virtualenv, then install deps and the hotness itself with python setup.py develop
  2. Can you run it? Try running PYTHONPATH=. fedmsg-hub in your virtualenv. Does it look like it starts without tracebacks?
  3. You may need to edit fedmsg.d/fbom.py and fill in the 'fbom.pagure_token' configuration key
  1. In another terminal run fedmsg-tail --really-pretty. It should start up