#798 Badge for new "How Do You Fedora" video series
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Badge description:
- You participated in a HDYF video interview. Don't let the fame get to your head!

Help the badges team understand what this idea is all about. If this badge is
awarded for certain kinds of activities:

1) What are those activities?
- There's a "How Do You Fedora" series on the Fedora magazine that profiles contributors. This is a brand new version of that interview series that will be conducted in a video format instead of a written article. The new series will be published on the Fedora Youtube channel.

2) Who is doing them (are they packagers? translators? newcomers? veterans?
users? sponsors?)
- Interviewees will be contributors to the Fedora project who can offer their diverse perspectives about how they use Fedora. Past interviewees (in the written format) can be found in the "How Do You Fedora" archives on the Fedora magazine.

3) Why are they doing them (is this a means to a different end?)
- The goal is to get to know some community members better, especially in a time where in-person community events might not be practical. Instead of replacing the original series, this video series serves as an option for interviewees who feel as if their personality might shine better in this different format, prefer to “show, not tell”, or would simply like to participate in a video interview instead of a written one.

4) When do they do them (every day? once a year?)
- Each interviewee will conduct just one interview.

5) How do they do them (by talking in IRC? by running commands in the console?
by using a web interface?)
-The interviewee has to record themselves answering a series of questions and send it to the editors. Then editors/designers/magazine writers will handle editing the video, publishing it on the Fedora Youtube channel, and posting a supplementary blog post on the Fedora magazine.

Lastly, do you have any ideas for artwork concepts?
- Since the interviewees have to record themselves, maybe a panda with camcorder recording themselves.

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2 months ago

@gchang Hey, if this is open, can it be assigned to me? :)

@gchang Hey, if this is open, can it be assigned to me? :)

Yeah, of course!

@gchang Hey, I wanted to run the concepts with you quickly. I thought of three ideas:
1. a panda recording himself with a camcorder, so we see his whole profile, like this- https://images.app.goo.gl/2MiXDrJGiTZyDhEP7
2. In this one, we see how the panda looks in the video during recording of the video. https://images.app.goo.gl/G2YFr52JG2LiFCCfA
3. a panda in a hand held camera screen, with key videography elements in the background

Another question, what kind of template should I use? Community?

@gchang Hey, I designed a basic design for the badge, I am trying to add more elements such as a camcorder and microphone in this. Can you give an initial review?


Aw, I like it a lot! I think a camcorder and microphone would be a great addition. Thank you so much @somya23 for this design and taking lead in creating it, the badge looks super cute.

In terms of the technical nitty gritty, you might want to confirm everything is ok with another designer who is more familiar with the Fedora badge rules. To me everything looks fine, but I'm not one of the design ninjas here that know this stuff inside-out.

@mleonova what do you think abt this one? i think its great

@gchang @duffy Hey, Thanks for the positive reviews. :)
I designed the camcorder and the microphone elements according to the guidelines for designing the badges. I tried to keep them minimalistic so the focus remains on the panda. I still feel the colors can be changed a little, any suggestions?

Hi @somya23 thanks for working on this! I have some feedback for you on the art:
- I have similar concerns with the design as in https://pagure.io/fedora-badges/issue/803 - the artwork generally stays inside the inner bubble. The easiest way to deal with this is using the "Clip" function- let me know if you have questions on how to do that. The stroke looks uneven. Also the panda paws are all "blank" in our current designs, and I think we should stick to that to stay consistent.
- The camcorder and mic are very small, as well as the "REC" and they don't show up well at a small size . I like the idea of the brackets showing recording, though I think you can simplify by removing the camcorder/mic and still get the concept across. I would make the panda smaller, the "REC" a bit bigger and put all of the design inside the inner bubble.
Looking forward to your next version!

@riecatnor Thanks for the amazing feedback! I will improve these soon and refer back to you. :)

Hi @somya23 nice work on the second draft. I have some recommendations for you to move forward:
- I opened your "community-template" file and it is incorrect. Re-download the file and import this artwork in being sure not to move any of the template file elements. The exported file should be at 256x256 pixels.
- I went into the file and the panda artwork is a bitmap. Not sure how you are getting to that, but the results look fuzzy. The graphic should be built in inkscape or similar vector graphics software.
- I am not sure you saw this comment:

Also the panda paws are all "blank" in our current designs, and I think we should stick to that to >stay consistent.

Remove the paw pads and adjust the design to look for like current badge artwork.. For example:
- I see you adjusted the artwork for the bottom of the panda instead of cropping it. I think it will look much better cropped. Here is a tutorial on cropping: https://inkscapetutorials.wordpress.com/2014/04/22/inkscape-faq-how-do-i-crop-in-inkscape/#:~:text=Draw%20a%20shape%20over%20the,choose%20Object%20%3E%20Clip%20%3E%20Set.
- I liked the blue background much more than the grey :) and also the texture should be this: https://badges.fedoraproject.org/badge/long-life-to-pagure-pagure-ii
- The "REC" text should be treated more like this: https://badges.fedoraproject.org/badge/senior-badger-badger-ii with an outer dark color, medium middle stroke, and white text.
Ok that is a bunch of changes :) let's see how far that gets you. Looking forward to the next draft

@gchang @riecatnor @duffy Hey!

I finished up with the insightful feedbacks given by Marie and created this updated version. Earlier I was not using inkscape to design the panda, but this one is a complete vector art from scratch made with inkscape. I made the panda a bit chubby as it looked cuter like that. 😛😋
I look forward for your feedbacks. It would be great if we could fix a small meeting to discuss more on the designs. 😍

Hi @somya23 nice improvements! Glad you got started with inkscape :) do you like it? There are a ton of tutorials out there, so make sure to use what is available to your benefit. I have some recommendations to help this art fit the badge aesthetic:
- The background is currently black & blue.. We generally avoid black in badges, though it has snuck into a design here or there, we feel it doesn't reflect the look we are going for. I would make the background blue, this badge background can be used: https://badges.fedoraproject.org/badge/speak-up%21
- The pattern on the background should also look like the artwork from https://badges.fedoraproject.org/badge/speak-up%21 yours includes a lot of lines, the art that exists all uses a background that has less line frequency
- The blue you are using for the panda should be the Fedora blue used in badges. Make sure to use the Fedora & Badges palettes for your colors, found here: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/badges/design-badges/
- The arms are still looking a little awkward, take a closer look at this badge artwork: https://badges.fedoraproject.org/badge/neurofedora-sig-member and try to model it to that.
- The "REC" is still unreadable. I would suggest using a dark blue and putting it back down at the bottom of the badge
Looking forward to the changes :)

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