#694 Flock 2019 party badge
Closed: fixed 4 years ago by sayanchowdhury. Opened 4 years ago by bcotton.

Badge description (like "You added a co-maintainer to a package. BFF!"):

You attended the boat cruise at Flock Budapest.

This is the traditional Flock party badge, ala Rollercoaster Restaurant (ticket #629)

cc: @bex

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4 years ago

I am on it! I should be able to get it done by this afternoon, hopefully someone can push it for us before tonight :)

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4 years ago

@riecatnor you're my favorite! Ping me on Telegram if you need me to look at something. I can't push, but we can probably find someone who can. If it's pushed before ~1715, I can print a couple of fliers to bring


@bcotton should have the access to award and also print the QR. Let me know if there are issues.

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4 years ago

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