#629 Flock 2018 Party Badge
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Badge description (like "You added a co-maintainer to a package. BFF!"):

You attended the party at Achterbahn Restaurant Dresden, the Roller-Coaster Restaurant in Dresden!

This is the traditional Flock party badge, ala https://badges.fedoraproject.org/badge/steampunk-arcade

The restaurant website is here: https://www.rollercoaster-dresden.de/

@dbula can provide some extra details if needed

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I like the design, however I’d love to see an option without a beer being so prominent. There has been an increasing connection between open source events and alcohol that is not always positive. While we have not had issues in Fedora, I suspect we can find alternative iconography to represent party/dinner/socializing.

@bex I was worried that might be a problem, but thought a history of beer badges for Flock parties is ok. I'll see what else I can come up with!

Super cute. I love the badger’s happy face. I showed it to @domibula who organized the restaurant and she liked it.

One concern is that the cart looks a bit like a slipper (shoe). Maybe adding lines to suggest a little door the badger used to enter it? Maybe some detail like a Fedora logo on the cart door or racing stripes?

Also, changing the color might help for the shoe thing.

The badger is super cute.

+1 flame for the win!

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@bex, great, thank you! closing ticket.

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