#683 Flock 2019 Attendee Badge
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Badge description (like "You added a co-maintainer to a package. BFF!"):

You attended Flock 2019, the Fedora Contributor Conference

This is the Flock 2019 badge - just like the 2018 badge in #630

@riecatnor @duffy Hey there! Changed the year real quick. Is this alright?


This is the right png size..


+1 I like this badge - can we get this approved?

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a year ago

We dont really use the bird anymore, is it possible to drop the bird and maybe add a line of text for the city name?

I am +1 to the simpler design though I am sorry to see all graphical elements dropped. I must have missed the "no graphics/bird" rule discussion.

@tanvi which font are you using for budapest? It could be Montserrat or Comfortaa?

@bex the Flock bird hasnt been used since the first Flock in Charleston I believe in 2013?

@duffy it has been on all, iirc, of the attendee badges. I figured we had a thing going :)

@bex not on any of the other collateral though (including the actual attendee badges, the printed kind you put on lanyards lol). i don't normally do badge approvals this just may be something that slipped through. i've been doing more badge approvals as of late. it just looks odd to me because that was the charleston specific logo.

@duffy Hey! Seems like I messed up the fonts last time, sorry!
I used Comfortaa herw. let me know if it is alright.


@tanvi - sorry to be a nag, can you center the 2019 and try Budapest and Hungary on two seperate lines centered? I think it'll make better use of the space and be easier to read.

@tanvi maybe too, can you try a gradient behind the text since we lost the graphic element?

We did have the bird on the Flock 2018 badge... I thought it was a nice touch: https://badges.fedoraproject.org/badge/flock-2018-attendee

@ngompa yeh its gone unnoticed on the badges.fpo badges for a long time. elsewhere, on conf badges, booklets, shirts, websites that logo hasnt been used since 2012/2013

@duffy Hey! I put a slight gradient in the background.
Played out with different font sizes, found these two the most balanced in my opinion. ( I tried one without Hungary written, let me know if it's alright!) :D


Please mind the readability when the badge is displayed as 64x64 (for example in user's history).

BTW we actually still use the bird everywhere, if it is not supposed to be used, please spread the message further. see for example https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/flock-talk-session-proposal-reminder/

Why don't we like the bird anymore?

We dont use it everywhere. Beyond that blog post made less than a week ago we havent used it in any capacity except badges for badges.fpo and Flock Charleston. There is nothing wrong w the bird, but it was the symbol specific to Flock Charleston and we do a new graphic every year / location.

@tanvi i think the one wo Hungary is the right call. Any chance you could work in tje building symbol from the Flock Budapest logo youve been designing?

@duffy Hey! I tried incorporating the Flock logo in the badge, I don't know weather it seems fit or not. Let me know your thoughts! :)


@tanvi i think it looks great! i would just futz around a little bit with the text placement. something like this -



A few things to watch out for:

  • The 'Budapest' text was squished horizontally - you want to make sure you have the aspect ratio lock on or hold down the Ctrl key when you scale text in Inkscape to avoid squishing or stretching which tends to stand out!
  • The flock vector I gave you apparently didn't have the 'lock' converted to paths from stroke - sorry about that. I fixed it in this attached svg. Any scaling / width issues you had before should be resolved now!
  • the image is an embedded bitmap - it's got to be vector for the badge source. You can however clip a group of vectors, so what I would suggest is grabbing the original vector artwork, grouping it, then clipping in the same way so the editability is preserved in the badge source.

@duffy Hey there! Thank you for all the feedbacks! :D
I get what you're saying about the Flock Logo, I made it on Adobe Illustrator and having a hard time copying it on Inkscape :/
I tried vice- versa too, bringing the badge template to Illustrator, but that didn't help either :/
Do you know the reason behind it? Or what can I do to overcome the problem?

@tanvi can you convert the AI artwork to SVG and post it here?

@duffy Hey! Here is the svg file :)


@duffy Hey! I tried doing it again. I guess this one must be right?


@tanvi almost perfect, the vectors are there now but the flock vector is the stroke-based one so it's a bit off, can you copy/paste the fixed flock logo vector from https://pagure.io/fedora-badges/issue/683#comment-575904 ?then it should be good to go!

@duffy Hey! I think this should be it! :D
Let me know. Thank you for the patience!


this looks great to me, approved

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a year ago

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a year ago

Hiya! This badge is missing the outer edge of the design entirely. Please push the attach PNG. Thanks!

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a year ago

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