fedobuild is a service that aims to improve the quality of life of Fedora packagers by automating packaging updates. It listens on the fedmsg bus for dist-git pushes and automatically initiates koji builds and bodhi updates.

In order to make use of fedobuild, one must include a fedobuild.yml file in the root of the dist-git repo. The YAML file must have two keys: the package NEVR, and the Bodhi notes to testers:

- nevr: foobar-2.1-3
  bodhi-notes: |
    Dear testers,

    Please test these amazing features in this new release
    of foobar:
      - Added 5 more bars in which to foo.
      - Fixed issue where users couldn't baz.

Dist-git pushes which update the YAML will automatically trigger the fedobuild process if the NEVR has not yet been built in Koji.