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Small utility that will serialize fedmsg data into rabbitmq
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fedmsg-rabbitmq-serializer is a small utility that will serialize fedmsg data into a RabbitMQ worker queue.


It is recommended that you are running this on the same system you have rabbitmq installed on for simplicity.

For Fedora, this will suffice:

$ dnf -y install rabbitmq-server
$ systemctl start rabbitmq-server

Next up you're going to want to setup a virtualenv for this, if you don't have the virtualenv wrapper utils installed, go ahead and do that.

$ dnf -y install python2-virtualenvwrapper

$ mkvirtualenv f-r-s

Now run setup.py to get things going ... this will take a while.

$(f-r-s) python setup.py develop

With all the deps installed as needed and rabbitmq all setup, we can go ahead and run the fedmsg-hub (which this is a consumer plugin for).

$(f-r-s)  fedmsg-hub