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This ticket is directly related to the Council ticket in which LATAM ambassadors are planning a FAD in Cusco to resolve their communication problems and to set up an internal LATAM Council.
The Council ticket has been discussed during the last Council meeting with the following outcomes:

  • The Council is basically in favor of a LATAM FAD**
  • The Council wants to have support from FAmSCo to define the agenda
  • Council would like to follow the mindshare objective instead of creating new bodies and rules

** given the budget requested and the impossibility to add the FAD to a major event inside LATAM, the Council wants to have a concrete output from this FAD. Therefor FAmSCo and the mindshare objective lead (myself) should workout together with LATAM folks an agenda to ensure this goal.

Additional informations:

  • EMEA and APAC FADs are useful for planning events and budget for the current FY. However they are planned with other major events (at least for EMEA).
  • The FCAIC offered his help and any support if needed
  • Mindshare is still in a planning state, I'll need another month to work something out to start. There is no plan to set up new bodies or rules, instead it aims to be a reorganization of what we have already in place.
  • Mindshare will follow the actuall FAmSCo goal, which is to unify the ambassador processes and to share best practices between regions or even teams.

Please add your thoughts, proposals for the agenda and anything else which could be useful to make this FAD be successful.

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Good morning all, after the last meeting where the proposal was reviewed, we improved and migrated it to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD:Latam_2017

A summary of changes are:
- The "goals" section was included and updated, the internal issues was deleted and were oriented to mission, objetives, strategies and activities.
- The "purpose" section was updated according to goals.
- The schedule was updated to be aligned to the proposed goals.
- Cusco - Peru venue propose was updated (specially the budget)
- Lima - Peru was added as a new venue propose with their budget.

So, we requerest a new review to send the proposal to council again.

Regards and thank you in advance.

Thank you for submitting a reviewed proposal, which basically works much better. The agenda seems solid and is a first step towards an organized process within LATAM. Just as an advice, when defining strategies to get new contributors, don't focus just on ambassadors; not all people are interested in that, but they might be interested in technical stuff, and we have a lot of this where people can work on.

For the record, I'm +1 for this to submit it to the Council again.

As I mentioned during the meeting the proposal looks solid to me, +1 to submit it to the council

+1 to submit to the council

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