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Fedora Ambassadors Membership Administration
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Fedora Ambassadors Membership Administration

These pages host the latest source and ticketing system for Fedora Ambassadors Membership Administration (FAMA). Part of the new Fedora Event budgeting process included trying to keep a closer track of Ambassadors and our membership. Another aim is to simplify the processes of the maintenance of the Fedora Ambassadors group.

FAMA contains some scripts to make graphs about the evolution of the Fedora Ambassadors group. Other scripts are made to interact with the Fedora Account System to get specific information about groups out of it. This is not limited to the Ambassadors group.

Source code

git clone ssh://git@pagure.io/fama.git


The output is available on the web:


  • fedora-python
  • matplotlib (replaced pyChart in 2010)

Most parts are licensed under GPL, for more details check COPYING.

FAmA Mentors

The FAMA ticketing system hosts all mentoring tickets, where mentorees can follow their application process to the Ambassadors FAS group.

  • IMPORTANT: Only mentors or FAMA admins shoud open, modify or close tickets. All tickets which do not respect this requirement will be closed by FAMA as invalid!

Candidates should be invited by their mentor to watch this repository, in order to get notifications when tickets get updated.