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  When requesting a Fedora package for EPEL, the steps are a little different

  depending on your ability or willingness to help.


- [[starting_point]]

- == Starting Point

+ [NOTE]

+ ====

+ Before requesting a package in EPEL, it must first be in Fedora.

+ There are some rare exceptions where an EPEL-only package is necessary,

+ but those are out of scope for this guide.

+ ====


+ [[determine_the_component]]

+ == Determine the component


+ EPEL package requests are tracked in bugzilla.

+ The *source package* name is used as the bugzilla component field.

+ This may or may not be the same as the package name you are looking for.

+ If you are not sure what the source package name is,

+ search for your desired package in the

+ https://packages.fedoraproject.org/[Fedora Packages web app].

+ Once you locate the desired package in this app,

+ the URL will have the following structure:


+ https://+packages.fedoraproject.org/pkgs/<source_package>/<package>/+


+ The title of the page will be "<package> Subpackage of <source_package>" if the names are different,

+ or just "<package>" if the names are the same.

+ Use the source package name for the component in the rest of this guide.


+ [[file_a_bug]]

+ == File a bug


- The first step is to search to see if there is already a Bugzilla bug requesting

- your package be added to EPEL.  A search such a this usually will show and requests

- https://bugzilla.redhat.com/buglist.cgi?bug_status=\\__open__&component=nedit

- Be sure to change "nedit" to whatever package you are asking for.

+ Before opening a new bug report,

+ check the existing ones to see if the package has already been requested.

+ Use the following URL (replacing "<component>" with your component) to view existing open bugs.


- If there are no requests, then you should open a bug on Bugzilla requesting the

- package.  https://bugzilla.redhat.com/enter_bug.cgi

+ https://+bugz.fedoraproject.org/<component>+


+ If there are no open requests for the EPEL version you desire,

+ then open a new bug.


+ https://bugzilla.redhat.com/enter_bug.cgi


+ [NOTE]

+ .Bugzilla fields for an EPEL request

+ ====

+ * Classification: Fedora

+ * Product: Fedora EPEL

+ * Component: <component> (if the component is not found, skip to the next note)

+ * Version: epel9 (or epel8, etc.)

+ * Summary: Please branch and build <package> in epel9 (or epel8, etc.)

+ ====


+ If this package has never been in EPEL before,

+ the component will not exist in the "Fedora EPEL" product.

+ You can still request the package by using the "Fedora" product.



- .Bugzilla Info

+ .Bugzilla fields for an EPEL request (alternative)


- * Classification : Fedora

- * Product : "Fedora EPEL"

- * Component : <package>

- ** If <package> isn't found in Component, then go back and change the Product to "Fedora"

- ** If <package> isn't found in Component under "Fedora EPEL" or "Fedora" Products, it should be added to Fedora first

- * Version : epel9 (or whatever epel version you want it it)

- ** If using Product "Fedora" select Version : rawhide

- * Summary : Please branch and build <package> in epel9

+ * Classification: Fedora

+ * Product: Fedora

+ * Component: <component>

+ * Version: rawhide

+ * Summary: Please branch and build <package> in epel9 (or epel8, etc.)



+ If the component isn't found in either the "Fedora EPEL" or "Fedora" products,

+ then it probably doesn't exist in Fedora and needs to be added there first.


  At this point, things change depending on your ability or willingness to help.



It is fairly common for users requesting packages to not understand the relationship between package names, source package names, and bugzilla components. This change describes that relationship up front to help users complete their request.

This change also separate the bugzilla fields note into two separate notes, one for when the component exists in the "Fedora EPEL" product, and one for when it doesn't and the bug must be filed against the "Fedora" product.

This looks great Carl. Thank you for writing this up.
I think using https://packages.fedoraproject.org/ is so much easier, and more document friendly, than anything I was thinking of.

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