#84 RHEL 8 missing corosynclib-devel, needed for my EPEL 8 package
Opened 2 years ago by jsmith. Modified 2 years ago

RHEL/CentOS 8 seem to have some of the corosync packages in the "AppStream" repo, but corosynclib-devel is missing, and it's a dependency for some of my packages that I'd like to get into EPEL 8.

We now have a formal policy to allow EPEL8 to build with these missing packages.

You need to open a CentOS issue[1] that states what devel package is missing and packages it is affecting. File the bug against the CentOS-8 Project, with the Category of _unreleased_devel_packages.

If you are unable to open a CentOS issue, please let me know, and I will open one for you.
If that is the case, please let me know specifically what package are missing, and what packages cannot be built because of it.

[1] - https://bugs.centos.org/%7CCentOS

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