#8 EPEL-latest link rpm
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One of the problems we have is more of a documentation and scripting problem where our various epel-release packages get tied into scripts for wget's and pulls but as epel-release is updated over time this breaks both documentation and user scripts.

Idea is to set up a cron job which checks to see if epel-release has been updated and links epel-release-latest-X.rpm to it.

+1 on this from me. This will make things easier

I remember looking briefly at this a while back, since I thought it would be really useful for RPM Fusion too. I think currently kwizart just maintains the rpmfusion-free-release and rpmfusion-nonfree-release symlinks by hand there.

At the time, I remember thinking that mash might be a good place to build this capability? Maybe a new config option for mash, like

symlink-latest = epel-release

And then mash would look at that package, figure out the latest version, and build the "latest" symlink.

Would that be the correct direction to go?

Will start looking at what needs to be done in MASH to get this working since this will be helpful to multiple projects.

As an update, in CentOS 7, you can simply run yum install epel-release and that's fixed. :)

Still a problem for RHEL or CentOS < 7.

Actually since Sept 2014 all CentOS releases ship the epel-release package in the extras repository.

I believe we (I wrote an initial version that was horrible.. dennis kindly took it and made it work) have a version that works. The new permanent symlinks are at:

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