#75 [EPEL-8] PHP stack
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In RHEL 8 PHP is part of AppStream, so a module

  • php:7.2 in 8.0
  • php:7.2 and php:7.3 in 8.1

My current plan:

  • build C extensions which depends of php version, i.e. on php(api) and php(zend-abi) as module
  • (later) build some noarch packages

Questions: how to do this ?

  • add additional packages in the *php stream (in theory, we can have various repo with packages in the same stream, ex: base + updates), but IIRC I was told this in not the proper way, stream definition is unique and in RHEL (package list / profiles / default)

  • create a new "php-extras" module, with stream matching "php" one.

Are the builder ready for this ?

How should I request new module / stream / branch creation ?

Also about the branch names

  • module/php-extras => 7.2 ?
  • rpms/php-extras => stream-el8-7.2 ?
  • rpms/php-pecl-amqp => stream-el8-7.2 ? 1.9 ?

yeah, currently we have no way to build modules for epel8. This is being worked on now to hopefully land with 8.1.

Requests for additional packages start to pile up (bugs 1750404, 1753681, 1753683, 1753693, 1753712, 1755408, 1755653, 1755654, 1755655...) and are linked to this issue, I think it is nice to have a temporary workaround

So if you need addition PHP extensions, lilbraries or applications, see

Additional question about dependencies in epel-playground

Ex: tidy, GeoIP, ...

Do we need 2 modular repositories ?


  • php-imap depends on uw-imap in epel
  • php-tidy depends on libtidy in epel-playground

I built both of those for KDE. They are in -playground because KDE is in playground. I am not the regular Fedora/EPEL maintainer for either of them, so if someone wants to open a bugzilla and get them put into plain EPEL8, I'm totally fine with it.

Just so you know, the Fedora maintainer of GeoIP contacted me and let me know that he's planning on phasing it out and retiring it, due to the data being so old for it.

This is what he said.

"I personally think it would be better to build applications without GeoIP support rather than giving the (false) impression that it's a supported thing, particularly at the start of EPEL-8's lifetime.

Upstream would clearly prefer that everyone migrated to libmaxminddb but uptake appear to be very slow."

Modules in epel8 progress:
It has progressed nicely. We are currently testing in stage. modules build. bodhi does their update. The final step, where the modules go into a "compose" (such an overloaded word) so that users can see the module with normal dnf commands, is being worked on.

tidy: (from a couple comments up)
tidy is now in regular epel. No need for a module.

CentOS 8.1 is available. Any update on this issue?

modules are now available to build. What do we need to give so you can start producing them?

modules are now available to build. What do we need to give so you can start producing them?

  • module name ?
    • php-extras with dependency on php, but not user friendly
    • php (only additional package for upstream php streams)
  • way to requests branch

When extensions (binary) will be ready, if possible to create a side tag, will all rawhide php noarch packages tagged, to avoid having to bootstrap 500 packages with tons of circular dependencies (at least to build minimal stack with autoloader and phpunit, used by nearly everything else)

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