#47 Updating python-kombu to introduce python-celery in EPEL7 to update pagure to v5
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago Opened 3 years ago by ngompa.

So as I found out to my surprise from EPEL testers of the Pagure update (as noted in #46), we don't actually have python-celery in EPEL7. I didn't notice this because there were python-celery builds for EL7 in Koji for epel7-infra, and I didn't check to be certain of that.

This has led me to a rabbit hole of looking what needs to be done to bring python-celery into EPEL, and the requirement is that python-kombu needs to be updated first.

Fortunately, it looks like nothing uses python-kombu in EPEL7, so it can be upgraded to allow us to introduce python-celery to run Pagure v5.

I've spoken to @mrunge about it, and he's okay with it. And @bowlofeggs is okay with introducing python-celery for EPEL7 (and already has the branch for it) once we can satisfy the dependency.

Can we do this?

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3 years ago

Since nothing needs python-kombu, it should be ok to update it.

This was approved in the meeting this week to go ahead. Thank you for the work.

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3 years ago

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