#192 Requesting Membership in EPEL SIG
Closed: Fixed a year ago by carlwgeorge. Opened a year ago by jonathanspw.


I'd like to join the EPEL SIG. Working in EL is my day job so I have a vested interested in EPEL packages through that. I'm also on the team at AlmaLinux which naturally benefits greatly from EPEL as well.

I've been a packager for about a month or so I guess (@carlwgeorge sponsored me) and in that time I've racked up nearly 60 packages so far (mix of new packages and getting added to help maintain EPEL branches).

I recently was accepted to the certbot sig and got all of the certbot modules added to EPEL 9 :)

+1 for sure. Keep up the great work! :)

It's been a week with no negative votes and multiple positive ones, so this is approved. I've added you to the epel-packagers-sig group. Welcome aboard!

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