#19 2014-10-07 EPEL-5 orphan list
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Thanks again to Till for generating this.


EPEL Orphan packages in epel5

opensource@till.name via lists.fedoraproject.org
7 Oct (2 days ago)

to epel-devel
The following packages are orphaned and might be retired eventually,
unless someone adopts them. If you know for sure that the package should be
retired, please do so now with a proper reason:

Note: If you received this mail directly you (co)maintain one of the affected
packages or a package that depends on one. Please orphan the affected package or
retire your package to avoid broken dependencies.

         Package                            (co)maintainers

BibTool orphan
GitPython orphan, dgoodwin
NetPIPE orphan
Perlbal orphan
RabbIT orphan
abcde orphan
acpitool orphan
ant-contrib orphan, davidcl, msrb, orion
astronomy-menus orphan, astronomy-sig, mmahut
auto-buildrequires orphan, rjones
autoconf-archive orphan, tmatsuu
avl orphan
be orphan
bibexport orphan
bwidget orphan
bwm-ng orphan, slankes
bytelist orphan
bzr orphan, pstodulk, shahms
cairomm orphan
cd-discid orphan
cfengine orphan, filler, ravenoak
cglib orphan, mef
cln orphan, deji
clucene orphan, deji
cmospwd orphan, ksantosh
cntlm orphan
couchdb orphan, erlang-sig, wtogami
ctapi-common orphan
cvs2cl orphan
dap-freeform_handler orphan
dap-hdf4_handler orphan
dap-netcdf_handler orphan
dap-server orphan
ddclient orphan
djvulibre orphan
dnsjava orphan
dnstracer orphan
eclipse-subclipse orphan
efte orphan
ejabberd orphan, erlang-sig, jkaluza, mmahut
elektra orphan
enigma orphan, wart
eqntott orphan, chitlesh
erlang orphan, erlang-sig, gemi
erlang-amf orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-edown orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-eradius orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-erlando orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-erlsom orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-erlsyslog orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-esasl orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-etap orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-gen_leader orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-getopt orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-gettext orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-gproc orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-ibrowse orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-lfe orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-log4erl orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-meck orphan, erlang-sig, peter
erlang-misultin orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-mustache orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-neotoma orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-oauth orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-xmlrpc orphan, erlang-sig
esmtp orphan, jskarvad
firehol orphan
firewalk orphan
flam3 orphan
flasm orphan
fmtools orphan, roma
freetennis orphan
fuse-encfs orphan, jokajak
fxload orphan
gconfmm26 orphan
gengetopt orphan, gholms
ghex orphan
gkrellm orphan, jwrdegoede
glibmm24 orphan
glom orphan
goocanvas orphan, bjohnson
googlecl orphan
gparted orphan, deji, nonamedotc
gpicview orphan
gprof2dot orphan
grads orphan
greylistd orphan
gtkmm24 orphan
gtranslator orphan
halberd orphan
html2ps orphan
html2text orphan
htmldoc orphan, pertusus
ibus orphan
ibus-anthy orphan
ibus-chewing orphan
ibus-hangul orphan, pwu
ibus-m17n orphan
ibus-pinyin orphan
ip6sic orphan
ipython orphan, salimma
isic orphan
itcl orphan
itk orphan
iwidgets orphan
jai-imageio-core orphan
java-service-wrapper orphan
jazzy orphan
jcodings orphan, mmorsi
jcommon orphan, msrb
jettison orphan
jigdo orphan, jsteffan
joda-time orphan
joni orphan
json-c orphan
jvyamlb orphan, mmorsi
kanjistrokeorders-fonts orphan, fonts-sig
kchmviewer orphan, rdieter, wolfy
kflickr orphan
latex2rtf orphan
lcov orphan
libcdaudio orphan
libdap orphan, rezso
libdnet orphan, oliver
libdockapp orphan
libgcal orphan
libgeotiff orphan, rovitotv
libglademm24 orphan
libid3tag orphan
libkdcraw orphan
libopenraw orphan
librelp orphan
libsigc++20 orphan
libstatgrab orphan, slankes
libupnp orphan
libvisual orphan
libxml++ orphan
lis orphan
mach orphan, thomasvs
maildrop orphan
mantis orphan, giallu, llaumgui
maradns orphan
meld orphan
mercurial orphan, pstodulk
mercury orphan
microba orphan
mlton orphan, rjones
mod_evasive orphan
mod_wsgi orphan, jkaluza, jokajak, jorton,
mt-daapd orphan
muParser orphan
mysql++ orphan
mytop orphan, ksyz, terjeros
nautilus-actions orphan, deji
nesc orphan, chitlesh
netatalk orphan, fkocina
netbeans-platform orphan
ngrep orphan, oliver
ocaml-lablgl orphan, peter, rjones
odfpy orphan, pfrields
ooo2txt orphan
openjpeg orphan, oliver, phracek
opensaml orphan
opentracker orphan
osc-source_validator orphan, saispo
ovaldi orphan
patricia-trie orphan
perl-Algorithm-Annotate orphan
perl-Algorithm-CurveFit orphan, perl-sig
perl-App-CLI orphan
perl-Business-CreditCard orphan
perl-Cache orphan
perl-Cache-Memcached orphan
perl-Class-Autouse orphan
perl-Class-Can orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, perl-sig
perl-Class-Exporter orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, perl-sig
perl-Danga-Socket orphan, ktdreyer
perl-Data-Hierarchy orphan
perl-Date-Manip orphan, huzaifas
perl-Date-Pcalc orphan, perl-sig
perl-Feed-Find orphan
perl-File-BaseDir orphan
perl-File-DesktopEntry orphan
perl-File-MimeInfo orphan
perl-File-RsyncP orphan
perl-File-ShareDir orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, perl-sig,
ppisar, psabata, tremble
perl-File-pushd orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, perl-sig,
ppisar, psabata
perl-Frontier-RPC orphan, kasal
perl-Gearman orphan, ktdreyer
perl-Gearman-Client-Async orphan, ktdreyer
perl-Gearman-Server orphan, ktdreyer
perl-Geo-IP orphan
perl-GnuPG-Interface orphan, perl-sig
perl-HTML-DOMbo orphan, perl-sig
perl-HTML-Template-Pro orphan
perl-IO-Stty orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, perl-sig,
ppisar, psabata
perl-Inline orphan, mmaslano, perl-sig, rnorwood
perl-Inline-Files orphan, mmaslano, rnorwood
perl-KinoSearch orphan, lkundrak, mmaslano, perl-sig
perl-LWP-Authen-Wsse orphan
perl-Lingua-Stem-Snowball orphan, perl-sig
perl-Lingua-StopWords orphan, perl-sig
perl-MP3-Info orphan
perl-Mail-MboxParser orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, perl-sig,
ppisar, psabata
perl-Makefile-DOM orphan, kanarip, perl-sig, rlandmann
perl-Math-MatrixReal orphan, perl-sig
perl-Math-Symbolic orphan, perl-sig
perl-Math-Vec orphan, perl-sig
perl-Module-Depends orphan
perl-MogileFS-Client orphan
perl-MogileFS-Utils orphan
perl-Nagios-Plugin orphan, jpo, ktdreyer
perl-Net-IRC orphan
perl-Net-NBName orphan
perl-Net-UPnP orphan, perl-sig
perl-PDL orphan, mmaslano, rnorwood
perl-Parse-Yapp orphan, rmyers
perl-PerlIO-eol orphan
perl-PerlIO-via-symlink orphan
perl-Perlbal-XS-HTTPHeaders orphan
perl-RPM2 orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, ppisar,
perl-SVK orphan
perl-SVN-Simple orphan
perl-Smart-Comments orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, perl-sig,
ppisar, psabata
perl-Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Kate orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, ppisar,
perl-Sys-CPU orphan
perl-Sys-Syscall orphan, ktdreyer
perl-Text-CHM orphan
perl-Text-CharWidth orphan
perl-Text-Unidecode orphan
perl-Text-WrapI18N orphan
perl-Time-Duration orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano
perl-Time-Progress orphan, perl-sig
perl-XML-LibXSLT orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, ppisar,
perl-XML-XPath orphan, mmaslano, perl-sig, rnorwood
perl-mogilefs-server orphan
perl-prefork orphan
pidgin-latex orphan
piklab orphan
pmount orphan, jpmahowa
po4a orphan
polipo orphan
poweradmin orphan
pstoedit orphan
pygrace orphan
python-GeoIP orphan
python-boto orphan
python-chm orphan, narasim
python-cloudfiles orphan, jeffreyness
python-enchant orphan
python-kiwi orphan
python-migrate orphan, lmacken, mbacovsk, ricky,
python-paver orphan, lmacken, toshio
python-qpid orphan
python-reportlab orphan
python-storm orphan
python-tornado orphan
python-typepad orphan
python-webpy orphan
python-werkzeug orphan, hoangelos
python-yenc orphan
python-zope-component orphan
python-zope-i18n orphan
python-zope-i18nmessageid orphan
python-zope-interface orphan, fschwarz
python-zope-schema orphan
python26-nose orphan, dmalcolm
pytz orphan
q orphan
qd orphan
qstat orphan
redet orphan
revelation orphan
rhino orphan
rpc2 orphan, nhorman
rpmlint orphan, kevin, wolfy
rubygem-polyglot orphan, kanarip, stahnma
rubygem-rubigen orphan, stahnma
rubygem-sinatra orphan, mfojtik
rubygem-syntax orphan, stahnma
rvm orphan
scponly orphan, toshio
skychart orphan, mmahut
spice-vdagent orphan
svgalib orphan, orion
svn2cl orphan
svnkit orphan, jfilak
sword orphan, deji
synaptic orphan, pmatilai
tbb orphan
tcllib orphan
tdom orphan
tetex-elsevier orphan
tinyfugue orphan
tinyxml orphan
tkimg orphan
tklib orphan
tokyocabinet orphan, deji
torque orphan, garrick, gef
towhee orphan
tpm-tools orphan, ejratl
uread orphan
vbindiff orphan
verilator orphan, chitlesh
volpack orphan
vrq orphan, chitlesh
wmacpi orphan, awjb
wsmancli orphan, gunnersrini, praveenp, vcrhonek
xautolock orphan
xchm orphan, wolfy
xdialog orphan
xdrfile orphan
xiphos orphan, deji
xmlbeans orphan
xmountains orphan
yum-utils orphan, timlau
The following packages require above mentioned packages:


We have more updated lists going to the mailing list now.

Closing this.

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