#18 2014-10-07 EPEL-6 orphan list
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Thanks to till for generating this


EPEL Orphan packages in epel6

opensource@till.name via lists.fedoraproject.org
7 Oct (2 days ago)

to epel-devel
The following packages are orphaned and might be retired eventually,
unless someone adopts them. If you know for sure that the package should be
retired, please do so now with a proper reason:

Note: If you received this mail directly you (co)maintain one of the affected
packages or a package that depends on one. Please orphan the affected package or
retire your package to avoid broken dependencies.

         Package                            (co)maintainers

SDL_mixer orphan, sdz
SDL_ttf orphan, sdz
apvlv orphan
auto-buildrequires orphan, rjones
autoconf-archive orphan, tmatsuu
btm orphan
bytelist orphan
cairomm orphan
cfengine orphan, filler, ravenoak
cglib orphan, mef
cmospwd orphan
couchdb orphan, erlang-sig, wtogami
cvs2cl orphan
ddclient orphan
djvulibre orphan, jgu
dzen2 orphan
efte orphan
ejabberd orphan, erlang-sig, jkaluza,
martinlanghoff, mmahut
erlang-amf orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-cl orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-cowboy orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-edown orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-egeoip orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-emmap orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-eradius orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-erlando orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-erlsyslog orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-esasl orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-etap orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-gen_leader orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-gettext orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-gproc orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-gtknode orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-lfe orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-log4erl orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-luke orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-meck orphan, erlang-sig, peter
erlang-mimetypes orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-misultin orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-neotoma orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-oauth orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-ranch orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-sidejob orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-skerl orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-snappy orphan, erlang-sig
erlang-webmachine orphan, erlang-sig
firewalk orphan
flam3 orphan
fmtools orphan, roma
freetennis orphan
fuse-encfs orphan, jokajak
fxload orphan
geronimo-validation orphan
glom orphan
goocanvas orphan, bjohnson
gprof2dot orphan
greylistd orphan
grin orphan
gtk-aurora-engine orphan, skytux, splinux
gtk-chtheme orphan, skytux, splinux
gtk-equinox-engine orphan, skytux
halberd orphan
html2text orphan
htmldoc orphan, pertusus
htmlunit-core-js orphan
ip6sic orphan
isic orphan
jackrabbit orphan
java-service-wrapper orphan
jazzy orphan
jcodings orphan, mmorsi
jcommon orphan, msrb
jettison orphan
jigdo orphan, jsteffan
joda-convert orphan
joda-time orphan
joni orphan
json-lib orphan
jtype orphan
jvyamlb orphan, mmorsi
jwm orphan, skytux, splinux
kanjistrokeorders-fonts orphan
kflickr orphan
lcov orphan
libeio orphan, jkaluza, mrunge
libev orphan
libgcal orphan
libkdcraw orphan
libxml++ orphan
lis orphan
mach orphan, thomasvs
maildrop orphan
mantis orphan, giallu, llaumgui
maradns orphan
mercury orphan
microba orphan
mikmod orphan, s4504kr, sdz
moin orphan, ivazquez, mmcgrath
mt-daapd orphan
mytop orphan, ksyz, terjeros
nautilus-actions orphan, deji
netbeans-platform orphan
nvi orphan
ocaml-camlimages orphan
ocaml-lablgl orphan, peter, rjones
odfpy orphan, pfrields
opensaml orphan
osc-source_validator orphan, saispo
patricia-trie orphan
perl-Algorithm-Annotate orphan
perl-App-CLI orphan
perl-Business-CreditCard orphan
perl-Class-Can orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, perl-sig
perl-Class-Exporter orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, perl-sig
perl-Const-Fast orphan
perl-Crypt-Simple orphan, perl-sig
perl-Dancer orphan, jplesnik, jpo, mmaslano, perl-
sig, ppisar, psabata
perl-Data-Hierarchy orphan
perl-Date-Pcalc orphan, perl-sig
perl-File-RsyncP orphan
perl-File-ShareDir orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, perl-sig,
ppisar, psabata, tremble
perl-File-pushd orphan, iarnell, jplesnik, mmaslano,
perl-sig, ppisar, psabata
perl-GStreamer-Interfaces orphan, perl-sig
perl-GTop orphan, cweyl, psabata
perl-Gearman orphan, ktdreyer
perl-Gearman-Client-Async orphan, ktdreyer
perl-Gearman-Server orphan, ktdreyer
perl-Geo-IP orphan
perl-GnuPG-Interface orphan, perl-sig
perl-HTML-DOMbo orphan, perl-sig
perl-IO-Stty orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, perl-sig,
ppisar, psabata
perl-Inline orphan, mmaslano, perl-sig, rnorwood
perl-Inline-Files orphan, mmaslano, rnorwood
perl-KinoSearch orphan, lkundrak, mmaslano, perl-sig
perl-Log-Log4perl orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, ppisar,
perl-MP3-Info orphan
perl-Mail-MboxParser orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, perl-sig,
ppisar, psabata
perl-Marpa-XS orphan, jplesnik, lkundrak, mmaslano,
perl-sig, ppisar, psabata
perl-Math-Vec orphan, perl-sig
perl-Module-Depends orphan
perl-MogileFS-Client orphan
perl-MogileFS-Utils orphan
perl-Nagios-Plugin orphan, jpo, ktdreyer
perl-Net-DBus orphan, bochecha, perl-sig, ppisar,
perl-Net-UPnP orphan, perl-sig
perl-PerlIO-eol orphan
perl-PerlIO-via-symlink orphan
perl-RPM2 orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, ppisar,
perl-SVK orphan
perl-Smart-Comments orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, perl-sig,
ppisar, psabata
perl-Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Kate orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, ppisar,
psabata, tremble
perl-Sys-CPU orphan
perl-Time-Duration orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano
perl-Time-ParseDate orphan, dfateyev, perl-sig, xavierb
perl-Time-Progress orphan, perl-sig
perl-mogilefs-server orphan
pidgin-latex orphan
piklab orphan
pyexiv2 orphan
pygrace orphan
python-gdata orphan, bjohnson, richardfearn,
roshansingh, smilner, sundaram
python-mygpoclient orphan
python-myhdl orphan, shakthimaan
python-py2pack orphan, saispo
python-qpid orphan
python-rpyc orphan
python-storm orphan
python-xklavier orphan, kushal, sdz
python-yenc orphan
qbzr orphan
qstat orphan
revelation orphan
rpc2 orphan, nhorman
rubygem-rubigen orphan, stahnma
rubygem-sinatra orphan, mfojtik
rubygem-syntax orphan, stahnma
rvm orphan
sablecc orphan
scponly orphan, toshio
skychart orphan, mmahut
starplot orphan
starplot-contrib orphan
starplot-gliese3 orphan
starplot-yale5 orphan
svgalib orphan, orion
synaptic orphan, pmatilai
tcllib orphan
tdom orphan
telepathy-filesystem orphan, bpepple, sdz
telepathy-gabble orphan, bpepple, sdz
telepathy-glib orphan, bpepple, sdz
telepathy-salut orphan, bpepple, sdz
tinyfugue orphan
tinyxml orphan, hobbes1069, ktdreyer
tkimg orphan
tklib orphan
torque orphan, garrick
towhee orphan
vbindiff orphan
verilator orphan, chitlesh
volpack orphan
vrq orphan, chitlesh
xautolock orphan
xmlbeans orphan
xmltooling orphan
xom orphan
xpp3 orphan
xsettingsd orphan, pcarrier
The following packages require above mentioned packages:

We have more updated lists going to the mailing list now.

Closing this.

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