#17 2014-10-09 EPEL-7 orphan list
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Thanks to Till for generating this.


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EPEL Orphan packages in epel7

opensource@till.name via lists.fedoraproject.org
7 Oct (2 days ago)

to epel-devel
The following packages are orphaned and might be retired eventually,
unless someone adopts them. If you know for sure that the package should be
retired, please do so now with a proper reason:

Note: If you received this mail directly you (co)maintain one of the affected
packages or a package that depends on one. Please orphan the affected package or
retire your package to avoid broken dependencies.

       Package                            (co)maintainers

SDL_mixer orphan, sdz
golang-github-gorilla-context orphan, golang-sig, lsm5, mattdm, vbatts
golang-github-gorilla-mux orphan, golang-sig, lsm5, mattdm, vbatts
golang-github-kr-pty orphan, golang-sig, lsm5, mattdm
golang-googlecode-net orphan, golang-sig, lsm5, mattdm, vbatts
golang-googlecode-sqlite orphan, golang-sig, lsm5, vbatts
libev orphan
mikmod orphan, s4504kr, sdz
mysql-connector-python orphan
ocaml-lablgl orphan, peter, rjones
perl-Log-Log4perl orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, ppisar, psabata
perl-Marpa-XS orphan, jplesnik, lkundrak, mmaslano, perl-
sig, ppisar, psabata
perl-RPM2 orphan, jplesnik, mmaslano, ppisar, psabata
pkcs11-helper orphan
python-gunicorn orphan, dcallagh
python-itsdangerous orphan, branto, dcallagh
python-paver orphan, lmacken, toshio
python-requests orphan, sagarun, terminalmage
python-urllib3 orphan, ralph, sagarun
qstat orphan
The following packages require above mentioned packages:



The above packages are dead.package'd because they are in RHEL7 proper and should probably be removed from the list.


We have more updated lists going to the mailing list now.

Closing this.

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