#136 Is EPEL Playground dead?
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by tdawson. Opened 2 years ago by ngompa.

In upstream mock, we have a bunch of epelplayground-8-* configs. I left them out of being adapted with the rest of the EPEL configs upstream for #133 because I've gotten conflicting answers of the state of EPEL Playground.

So I'd like to know: should we retire these configs in Mock?

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2 years ago

We discussed it in the committee meeting. We (the EPEL Steering Commitee) believe it to be a good experiment, but it's time is past.
There definitely won't be a epel9-playground.
We are going to look at metrics and send out some questions, see if anyone is actively using it. If they are, we'll see if epel8-next and/or COPR will fill their needs.
If there isn't any big usage (which we don't think there is) we'll officially kill and document it.

Looking at the countme, there are only ~2400 systems with EPEL-playground8 enabled out of about 1.5 million systems with epel-8 enabled.

After looking at the builds for the past year, I believe people are only using epel8-playground out of obligation, not because they are really using it.
There were 134 builds on playground in 2021. That by itself isn't alot. But for all of them, the same package was built on epel8-playground and epel8 at the same time.
This brings me to the conclusion that people are only building on epel8-playground because they feel obligated to, not because they are using it for testing.

I have sent out an email asking if anyone is still legitimately using epel8-playground.

At this point, it is my recommendation that we shut down epel8-playground, even if we do get some responses of people really using it.

If there is anyone legitimately using epel8-playground, we will find out their use cases, and direct them to epel8-next and/or COPR.

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2 years ago

In shutting it down, how should the following be dealt with:
1. repos in epel-release?

I would expect that the updates would stop shipping those files but I was not sure if we wanted to leave a 'THIS REPOSITORY WAS END OF LIFED ON <DATE>. Please see <URL> for more information.'

  1. Requests to mirrorlist.fedoraproject.org ?

I would expect we would want this to either 410 https://http.cat/410 or 426 https://http.cat/426

These are the steps needed to close down epel8-playground.

I am going to declare that yes, EPEL Playground is dead.
The one remaining issue, that the repo isn't empty, can stay open as a releng issue, but doesn't have to keep this ticket open.

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2 years ago

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