#105 Implement rhel module name/stream avoidance
Opened a year ago by tdawson. Modified a year ago

Sometimes policies are not enough.

It is currently possible for a packager to accidentally release a module in EPEL with the same module name and stream name as a module in RHEL. Due to an accident, we have seen how easy it is to accidentally do this.

Create a build / update / release procedure that prevents EPEL modules from having the same module name and stream name as RHEL modules.

There has already been discussion about automatically changing the stream names, such as adding -epel to the end of them all. (ie: 12-epel) This was ruled out because it would cause the inter-module dependencies to be unpredictable.

Current Proposal

At the last EPEL Steering Committee meeting it was agreed that we would try to find a solution through bodhi and/or gating.

Make it so that either bodhi wouldn't accept updates if there was a conflict, or perhaps allow the update to be created but then fail gating tests.

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