#49 RFE: Add eligibility requirement checking to nomination process
Opened 4 years ago by jflory7. Modified 4 years ago

This ticket assumes that nomination process would be implemented as described in #47. However, this could still be implemented in the current state of the Elections app for the benefit of the election wrangler.


Certain elections can have eligibility requirements that are checked when adding a new nomination for an election.


This is somewhat related to the discussion in the last CommOps meeting and ticket #47, but also related to recent events with the accidental nomination and election of an ineligible candidate, as described in this ticket.

An extra way to prevent a situation like this from happening in the future is by adding functionality to have certain elections have eligibility requirements. From a current point-of-view, the eligibility check could be tied to membership in a specific FAS group or groups. When a Fedora contributor is nominating a candidate in the Election app (as described in #47), they would receive an error dialogue if the candidate they nominated is not currently eligible to run in a specific election.


  1. Eligible voter or project contributor logs into Election app
  2. Opens page for upcoming election they want to nominate a candidate for
  3. User sees list of candidates, as well as field to "Nominate candidate" if eligible to nominate
  4. User clicks button, types FAS account username (auto-completion?)
  5. Press enter, then a confirmation to nominate candidate for election
  6. Uh-oh! Nominee is not eligible for this seat and cannot be nominated until they meet requirement (link to wherever requirements are found?)

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