#5 Package asciidoctor-mallard for Fedora
Opened 6 years ago by decause. Modified 4 years ago

This tool will help is in converting docbook to asciidoc.


@williamjmorenor would you be willing to work on this package as well since you did pintail?

OK, let take a look into it.

Just wondering what the benefit is converting asciidocs to mallard and then html when you could just convert directly to html from asciidocs? If you want to use yelp, you can convert to DocBook directly after only having asciidoctor installed and view the xml from yelp without any issues. Also you can convert to pdf by installing asciidoctor-pdf if you want as well. I'm not seeing what benefit mallard gives us over the standard tools provided with asciidoctor by default.

@t3rm1n4l this request is part of the pintail/mallard proposal. The current proposal you and I talked about is straight from AsciiDoc to HTML with no intermediate formats.

I made my comment on this issue while still trying to get some understanding of a direction to take with the conversion of the sysadmin guide to asciidocs without knowing what decisions had been made. Partly also to spark some activity. Thanks for the resources @dhanvi I will take a look later to hopefully gain better understanding of that path although I won't be using it as I am converting the existing docs to asciidocs as noted by @bex.

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