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This repository is out of date and should not be used

See the current docs-fp-o at

This repository holds the build scripts and skeleton site for

This is under construction. The docs team is implementing a new publication workflow.

Note: Today, doesn't support AsciiDoc so this is temporarily in markdown

Docs Conversion Project Timeline and Plan

Note: This still needs dates!

Note: Steps are done in parallel wherever possible. Each major step should be reproducible during this process to begin to set up a pipeline.

  1. Convert repositories to Asciidoc

    1. Convert DocBook using script by randomuser
    2. Eliminate Common Content
    3. Break into rough/large topics
  2. Build prototypes in both AsciiBinder and Pintail

    • Pintail - insert plan here

    • AsciiBinder

      1. Restructure Repositories to be individually buildable
      2. Extend to properly build an English only site
      3. Engage design for CSS
        1. Design English Site
        2. With design/others implement javascript to switch languages and detect language
      4. Implement translation push
        1. Ensure po4a does Asciidoc correctly
          1. Tables
          2. Full Review
        2. Push sample POT files to Zanata and ask i18n to review
      5. Implement translation pull and merge
        1. Determine how to pull just translations that are "finished" or that meet minimum requirements
          • This may involve a perentage finished by language setting that can be maintained by i18n
        2. Ensure po4a produces valid output
        3. Build each language with English documentation available where there is no translation
  3. Make a decision and publish F26