Arcanist Container

This is a container for use when dealing with the Fedora-qa phabricator instance. I use it when I have to create a revision, and I use this because I don't actually want PHP installed on my system.

Basic usage is documented inside the Dockerfile.

Do a docker build -t arc . to build the base image.

cd to your working directory of the project you're working on.

Run docker run --name <name of your project> -it -v ~/.bashrc:/root/.bashrc:Z -v ./:/code:Z -v ~/.arcrc:/root/.arcrc:Z arc to fire up the container with all the stuff you need for arcanist.

You can add any other additional files you want to the container via more -v flags. The ":Z" for each mapping ensures the selinux labels are set correctly for the container to have access to those files.

By default the Dockerfile binds vim as the default editor, but feel free to change that in the Dockerfile.