Diatheke-TUI is a whiptail Terminal User Interface to the Diatheke CLI program provided by sword project. :book: This allows you to comfortably read the Bible within a virtual terminal, or even on a computer without Xorg-server.

This software was built for minimalists and is also useful for embedded devices/low powered computers that might not be able to run a full featured desktop bible software. :computer:


:white_check_mark: Install and Choose: Bibles, Commentaries, Books, Maps, and Images

:white_check_mark: Read Bibles and Commentaries by Book/Chapter

:white_check_mark: Jump to a specific Verse

:white_check_mark: View Maps and Images with ASCII image viewer

:white_check_mark: Search Bibles and Commentaries

:white_check_mark: User-configurable default modules (inside script)

:no_entry_sign: Unsupported: Reading of Generic Books (No support in Diatheke CLI yet)


:red_circle: coreutils (sed, grep, gnu utilities) (Required)

:red_circle: libsword (Required)

:red_circle: libnewt (Required)

:large_blue_circle: curl (Optional: Required for downloading modules)

:large_blue_circle: unzip (Optional: Required for installing modules)

:large_blue_circle: libcaca (Optional: Required for viewing maps/images)


Main Menu


Chapter Reading


Image Viewer