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We need to work on the Fedora 33 Artwork. Fedora 32 was Erving Goffman. Fedora 33 will be an "H" scientist / inventor / mathematician.

We need a beta design ready for packaging by Tue August 18 2020.

Suggested list:

So it looks like the poll is closed and the winner (with 45% of the vote) is Walter Lincoln Hawkins, polymer chemist who invented plastic sheathing to give rural access telephone access.

Also, in thinking about the DAWN/DAY/DUSK/NIGHT variations I was wondering about the method of adjusting the lighting. We've had an increasing frequency of wallpapers created with Blender -- if this (or F34) also use Blender might we think about adjusting the lighting in the software? (i.e. not only changing tone but possibly shadow placement, etc?) Not sure who could provide the history here? @duffy ?

I admit to not being fully aware of the idea behind (or the limitations) of the 4-pack of wallpapers, but Blender would make it relatively trivial to have, say, 24 variations on a wallpaper with the main change being less about "time of day" as a color conceptualization but about "time of day" as in "placement of the light."

One idea here for F33 wallpaper might literally be a rendering of a set of telephone poles, with sheathed wires hanging between them, the sun rising and setting, changing the shadows of the poles and wires along the ground.

More ambitiously (and again I may be misunderstanding the purpose of transitional wallpapers, and this is likely overly-ambitious given the time frame), we could actually have the poles remain, but the wires and surroundings change, signalling some sort of progression of time beyond the scope of a day. An example:

1) Poles, unsheathed wires, dirt road, farmland.
2) Poles, sheathed wires, dirt road with cars, farmland with more buildings.
3) Poles, more sheathed wires, paved road with cars, small business in foreground.
4) ...

Just throwing some thoughts out there and hoping to get some clarity/ideas on the 4-pack wallpapers and how far (or if) that concept might be stretched to other ideas.

Looking forward to the next releases!

I drafted and rendered a quick idea below in Blender.


Side issue because I don't know where else to put it: Pagure sent this to me after uploading the above image:

"Good Morning

This is the log of loading all the files pushed in the git repo into
the database. It should ignore files that are not JSON files, this
is fine.

Loading: files/94952a8776739b70990b060fb3d288dfc03ba9a9bab3c1705f6625f16241acca-pole-test-sm.png -- 1/1 ... ... FAILED"

Just an FYI in case this is a message I shouldn't be receiving or is indicative of an error or something.


Another view -- different materials and lighting.


Here is a music video made of images that may be related and hopefully serve as source of inspiration. It includes Poles, unsheathed wires, mountains, clouds, wind: https://youtu.be/KLz-ktBpSIY?list=RDuDTaxJxZIX0

Hello, I've made this render in Blender! Maybe it can be used as a starting point for other ideas? I was thinking of adding more fog and other lights. Also the shapes have no material so I can make them transparent with a transparent material or a wireframe modifier.

Just a suggestion, with the intention of providing some good brainfood: we don't have to be literally with the telephone poles either. Think about how you might visualize entire communities that were 'off the grid' suddenly lighting up as they were hooked and up added to the telephone system. The higher-level concepts to think about here are networks, connection, lighting up previously dark areas, or even communication as a stream flowing to broader areas.

@kylerconway re: the wallpaper 4 packs.... IIRC the way it works is it's the same image with different coloring / lighting. And i think the day is split into 4 tween points if that makes sense, and inbetween two points (let's say inbetween 12 midnight and 6 am) the 12 am image gets overlaid on the 6 am image and they're blended together slowly over time. I hope that makes sense in terms of the mechanics of how it works. So if items move in the composition, they'll sort of slowly transition over time at partial transparency if that makes sense.

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