#653 UI design of Fedora Happiness Packets
Opened 9 months ago by alishapapun. Modified 8 months ago


  1. Fedora Happiness Packet horizontal logo
  2. Suggestions for the overall UI of Fedora Happiness Packets.


Currently, Fedora Happiness Packets is designed as (in below comment).
The UI is similar to Happiness Packets since it was a form. But the design is not consistent with rest of Fedora Applications design. So, I designed this.
(in below comment)
The inspiration of theme is from getfedora.
One issue I am currently facing is that the logo of Fedora Happiness Packet is vertical, which does not seem to fit in the UI. I was thinking if we could get a logo horizontal equivalent of Fedora Happiness Logo.
Also, suggestions on the mock UI is also highly welcome.

cc: @jflory7

Also for context, the current logo was designed in design ticket #606.

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