#629 Need fresh Fedora presentation templates
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We don't have decent Fedora-branded presentation templates for use for giving talks on behalf of Fedora. People seem to be using various templates from all over that seem to "kind of" fit Fedora colors, or make up their own, which doesn't give a professional, consistent look for representatives of the Fedora Project.


The presentation template available today suffers from several problems:

  • No 16:9 or 16:10 variants (only 4:3 variant)
  • Follows a dated design language that Fedora hasn't used in a very long time
  • Is somewhat noisy and difficult to use well with potentially graphic-heavy presentations

In addition to this, the Fedora branding is receiving a bit of a revamp with #620, which makes this a good time to finally prepare new templates that are friendly to widescreen environments in addition to the traditional letterbox ones.

This is particularly biting me because @pingou, @ignatenkobrain, and I are giving talks at openSUSE Conference 2019 on behalf of Fedora, and there don't seem to be great presentation templates to represent Fedora for the content of our talks.

For a point of comparison, openSUSE has a fantastic look for presentations (though they didn't do a great job of actually setting it up as a presentation template file...)


We should have fresh, well-styled presentation templates fitting 4:3, 16:10, and 16:9 styles leveraging the new branding being developed in #620. Strong preference to OpenDocument Presentation Template (.otp file), and possibly also a Google Slides variant (but not required).

Ideally, it'd be great to have it ready by the end of April, so that we can use it for presentations given at oSC 19.

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3 years ago

The only thing is that it would be good to have vertical layout for the left pane as well as section title sides for topic transitions. I would imagine that the topic transition side would look similar to the title side, slightly tweaked.

I'm also not totally sold on speaker names being present in every slide type, but maybe as a free form text area on slides that aren't the title slide?

  • 2nd slide reminded me Anaconda installation process :)
  • I think it would be great if there would be some licensing information on the bottom (which comes by default with CC-BY-SA license).

@ignatenkobrain thats a great idea!! will add in next iteration.

can i try it ?? i have a talk tomorrow :smile:

@bt0dotninja thanks for the enthusiasm :-) the logo isnt approved by the council yet so please dont use this design publicly for now.

Right , but looks amazing many thanks for your work :)

@duffy It looks like the new logo has been approved by the Council, so could we get new presentation templates now? I'd like to start working on my talks using a fresh Fedora template. :smile:

hey @ngompa we're just starting the process with getting legal stuff sorted out for the logo and i am not sure that is going to be quick enough for your conference presentation. Do you want me to make a version using the current logo? What format do you prefer? (Eg can do LibreOffice ODP or reveal.js, or whatnot)

@duffy LibreOffice and Google Slides formats would be helpful with the current logo, if possible.

It'd still be a marked improvement over what we have now.

I would appreciate beamer template (latex).

@duffy LibreOffice and Google Slides formats would be helpful with the current logo, if possible.
It'd still be a marked improvement over what we have now.
As release parties near in, it will be great to use this template as I will be presenting in some local events too.

@ngompa OK can you try this? It's LO. I don't know how to do Google Slides yet, I can look into it but this took a more significant effort than I anticipated (but it should work really nice.)


@duffy Thanks! This looks really slick! I'll take it for a spin and see how it goes. :100:

@duffy Hello, would you please also provide PNGs or EPSs to be used with Beamer? Thanks. :crocodile:

@lruzicka if you get beamer template with fedora, please share it. Much appreciated!

@ngompa there was a problem with slides 5/6 // master slide #4 that @pingou found, I just uploaded a fixed version to the git repo

EDITED: updated bottom-graphic.svg

@lruzicka i haven't written a beamer theme before and I probably won't have enough time to dig into that this week, but here's a snippet of the colors used + the gradient background (the titleslide palette):

% Fedora presentation color scheme

\definecolor{fed@bgaqua}     {rgb} {0.235, 0.565, 0.706}
\definecolor{fed@bgblue}     {rgb} {0.235, 0.431, 0.706}
\definecolor{fed@black}      {rgb} {0.302, 0.302, 0.302}
\definecolor{fed@blue}       {rgb} {0.318, 0.635, 0.855}
\definecolor{fed@gray}       {rgb} {0.702, 0.702, 0.702}
\definecolor{fed@white}      {rgb} {1.0, 1.0, 1.0}

\setbeamercolor{background canvas}{parent=palette primary}

\setbeamercolor{palette titleslide} {fg=fed@white, bg=fed@bgblue!90!fed@bgaqua}
\setbeamercolor{palette primary}    {fg=fed@black, bg=fed@white}

Can you use SVGs for the graphics? I already have them SVGized. Attaching here.

Title slide graphics:




Inner slide graphics:

(vertical slide)


(horizontal slide)

logo for horiz slides is same as for the title slide


I have never created a Beamer template myself either, but I will try to dive into it and see if I can make it happen.

I think that it would be a nice thing to have.

Thanks for the data, @duffy

@duffy , I downloaded the graphic files, but I only can see empty boxes in Inkscape. Do you possibly know what the problem could be? Could you try if you will see more?

I realized that I was stupid enough, not to check for background colors and I could not see that there indeed was something in those files. I will try to post some drafts soon.

I am so stupid, I realized that the SVG files are ok. I could not see the white graphics on white background. Sorry about that. :)

So far, I have been able to produce this draft. I decided go with the sidebar variety first because it is easier. I also started with the common 4:3 ratio used by default Beamer. The graphics was taken from the above files, but I had to squeeze them a bit to fit that ratio. You can see the outcome in the PDF file. Please, comment.

@lruzicka wow that is great progress! my main feedback is not super major:

  • I would switch the fonts! Is that do-able? We use Montserrat as the main font. I set the LibreOffice template with the following font setup:
    • Title Slide & Divider Slide Title: Montserrat Bold Allcaps 32pt white
    • Title Slide Subtitle: Montserrat Regular 28pt white
    • Title Slide Speaker Name: Montserrat Bold 18pt white
    • Title Slide Speaker Title / Institution: Montserrat Regular 15pt white
    • Title Slide Speaker Contact Details: Montserrat Light 14pt white
    • Title Slide Footer: Montserrat Regular 14pt white
    • Inner Slide Title: Montserrat Bold Allcaps 28pt fed@black
    • Inner Slide Subtitle: Montserrat Regular 24pt fed@blue
    • Inner Slide Normal text: Montserrat Light 20pt fed@black
    • Inner Slide Slide Number: Montserrat Light Bold 24pt fed@gray
    • Inner Slide Date: Montserrat Light 10pt fed@gray
    • Inner Slide w Sidebar Speaker Footer Details: Montserrat 11pt fed@gray
    • Inner Slide w Bottombar Speaker Footer Details: Montserrat 10pt white
  • I'd scale the logo down on the title slide quite a bit.

Is it possible you could submit as a PR here when it's ready? https://github.com/fedoradesign/fedora-presentation-template

Yes, switching font is definitely possible. I am not aware, if all those measures can be set in Beamer, but if they can, I will find out. Let's try to just switch the font first and see how TeX will handle it.

So, this is the 16:9 with the Montserrat font, when the measures are handled by TeX itself. I think that it is quite useful. I will try to find out, if exact measures could be defined and how to do it.

So far, I only could find that Latex handles fontsizes in quite a complicated way and I am not sure, if I am able to redefine them. as everything is connected with everything, redefing one thing could probably break a bunch of related stuff. I will create the PR as is and if someone wants to give it a try, they can.

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3 years ago

Just a status update on this ticket: we now have a LO version and a beamer version of the template using our current logo. No GDocs version, i started one but it's not finished. But the final version won't be ready until the new logo is approved. Keeping this ticket open to account for the GDoc version as well as the final version with new logo.

Oh, amazing! I'm going to use it for my oSC talk :)

For the record, what's the current state of this?

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