#579 Let's bring back pandas! (sticker sheet request)
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I am jealous of the amazing and varied stickers companies like GitHub and Digital Ocean produce:

The Fedora logo does not lend itself to this kind of treatment. I know we have Beefy, and while some people really love Beefy, not everyone does and... it's somewhat limited. However, EVERYONE LOVES PANDAS. And PANDAS CAN DO ANYTHING.

Can we bring back the pandas?

Specifically, I'd like some cool stickers to start. Like, a whole sheet of different ones. (See examples above.)

Actually, we don't have to be restricted to pandas. Adding also any of the cute animals from the badges would be lovely.

cc @emichan @duffy @ryanlerch

So we should be thinking this panda as well as badges animals, both badgers and pandas and build on that.

Can we have at least one beefy on the sheet?

Ok here's the plan we came up with in the meeting today:

  • Pandas and badgers++
  • We have a lot of amazing artwork of pandas and badgers, and other creatures, across our badge artwork. There's a lot of fun ones with different outfits and poses. We should give this artwork better exposure and use it for these types of sticker packs.


  • trawl through badges.fedoraproject.org badge artwork and find awesome pandas and badgers we could extract and reformat into fun stickers. create a list of badges (badge name + ticket # from the bottom left corner of the badge page).
  • with the list of badges ready, dig through badge source artwork files and find the artwork
  • decide the best 6-8 designs you'd like to move forward with for stickers. propose them here.
  • one-by-one, reformat the artwork for stickers and put into vendor template for die cutting (use inkscape)
  • cmyk it (use scribus, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_set_CMYK_color_on_a_design_for_printing)
  • upload print-ready artwork here

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@akshay196 are you still interested in this ticket?

@akshay196 are you still interested in this ticket?

@duffy Yes. As soon as we ready with badges list, I will start reformatting for stickers.

Can we finalise list of badges which are good for stickers? I have proposed some badges above.

@akshay196 the pandas from the badges that you decide to use to make panda stickers is completely up to your discretion!

Here are some panda stickers ideas created using pandas from the badges:



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a year ago

@akshay196 hey sorry i've been behind on triage - these look fabulous! what do you think @mattdm?

will be great if these badges will come with the country flag or maybe regions, like EMEA ...
what do you think about this idea?

I love these very much!

@mythcat Flags can be politically sensitive. I don't want this to get hung up on that. Pandas don't care about flags. :)

just 2 things

one is technically save one the small indentations, they just raise the price in the production process.

second, there is a main difference between our pandas ans badger, its more for insider as the github cat and the digi ocean sharky. Its not I am agains it, the opposite such cute things go like hell here in Asia but on the end nobody knows whats about, so a combination with the logo or some nice quotes could be transporting a message which would helpful for us on the end.

@akshay196 hey sorry it's been a while. are you still into this ticket? i'd love to prep the stickers for print but need the svg source. do you still have it?

@duffy Yes, I have the svg files for this stickers. I will upload it soon. Thanks.

Attaching images with no bitmaps included...

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