#432 Update Fedora Logic Model Template Graphic Design
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Thanks! I have a tall order, actually. I'd like it to look as pretty as the one you made, but still be flexible as a template, and, crucially, focus on individual connections from column to column.

Not all logic models require that, but logic models can serve a lot of purposes. I like it when they're as practical as possible for actual planning, not just communication of the big picture, so to me, the arrows are really important.

It doesn't really need all of the notes — those could be moved to actual separate documentation.

Here's what I have of the design so far, definitely need to tweak a few things (neatening up the connection lines from each phase of the model... also I'm not completely satisfied with the idea of these lines anyway. Any other ideas??) and I also would like to make it less text heavy, but don't want to delete any key information
[[Image(logic model_ ticket #432.png)]]

Did some tweaking and minor recoloring, and I've got a stronger model here if anyone would like to take a look!
[[Image(logic model_ ticket #432_revision 1.png)]]

small typo - hardware in the upper left is missing a d

Replying to [comment:7 duffy]:

small typo - hardware in the upper left is missing a d
woops! I'll fix that now and repost!

mattdm - do you have any feedback for maryshak1996 on this? are you ok with the design or want some changes?

@mattdm - hey do you have any feedback for maryshak1996 on this design?

It's really pretty! Much nicer than my "translate white board to inkscape" version.

I have some hesitation about using the descriptive labels for the columns rather than the logic model jargon of inputs → activities → outputs → outcomes → impact, because there's so much existing literature which is organized around the jargon or variants of it. On the other hand, this is nice and clear.

I also am not sure about detaching the high-level goals from the columns. (Even though it looks nice this way!) It's important to see direct flow from inputs all the way through to mission/vision, and back from that to input. I'm also not sure there's enough room in those boxes.

It'd be really cool for https://kolinahr.fedorainfracloud.org/edit/57ff81347b76717eefcbc44b to have an "export to SVG" button which uses this template! I'm going to file that as RFE for that software.

hey mattdm thanks for the input, here's an iteration without the descriptive subheadings that the last one had. I also changed the layout a bit so that the high-level goals columns are in inline with the rest rather than being separated to the bottom. Let me know that you think!

@mattdm Hey any feedback on the latest iteration for @maryshak1996 ?

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@mattdm Hey! Just checking in if this is something that you still want, or if this issue can be closed?

I'd be happy for a refreshed version!

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