#1303 Unexpected effect of constants MIN_BUILD_TIMEOUT and MAX_BUILD_TIMEOUT
Opened 2 months ago by schlupov. Modified 2 months ago

The constants MIN_BUILD_TIMEOUT and MAX_BUILD_TIMEOUT take weird effect, I would expect that when I set MAX_BUILD_TIMEOUT to 20 seconds the build will take 20 seconds but it depends only on time set by DEFAULT_BUILD_TIMEOUT and the constant MAX_BUILD_TIMEOUT is there only to set the upper limit for DEFAULT_BUILD_TIMEOUT which is kind of unexpected. So when I set MAX_BUILD_TIMEOUT to 20 seconds (which can be changed in copr.conf on frontend) and it is a shorter time then for DEFAULT_BUILD_TIMEOUT, it shows the box saying Number must be between 0 and 20. and it is hard to tell where might the problem. I would suggest having only one constant for build timeout.

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2 months ago

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