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#88 Make the live build logs a stream    4 5 days ago 2 days ago ngompa unassigned
#87 RFE: add per-build option to enable/disable bootstrap_chroot    8 days ago 8 days ago ignatenkobrain unassigned
#86 compress the builder-live.log once the build is done    9 days ago 9 days ago praiskup unassigned
#83 copr-rpmbuild: use `rpkg` or `rpkg-minimal`    10 days ago 10 days ago praiskup unassigned
#80 copr-rpmbuild: make the config "ini" file configurable    13 days ago 13 days ago praiskup unassigned
#78 Let's have really "live" logs with copr-rpmbuild    2 13 days ago 8 days ago praiskup unassigned
#77 [RFE] Use Kubernetes instead of Openstack for builders and docker containers on dist-git    10 14 days ago 5 hours ago vrutkovs unassigned
#74 copr-cli has no way to list builds of a project    4 20 days ago 20 days ago firstyear unassigned
#73 PyPI uploads appear to be quite out of date    21 days ago 21 days ago ncoghlan unassigned
#69 copr-builder does not clean state after build    1 a month ago a month ago clime praiskup
#68 Building SRPMs on builder    26 a month ago 21 days ago praiskup unassigned
#66 copr edit-package-tito on pypi package redefines it    1 a month ago 17 days ago brianjmurrell clime
#60 run autogen/configure before trying to build RPM    4 2 months ago 2 months ago brianjmurrell unassigned
#54 Pagination of packages could use improvement    2 months ago 2 months ago tvon clime
#53 [RFE] Show number of failed/succeded builds in the status of build    3 3 months ago 2 months ago pvomacka clime
#49 [RFE] copr-cli should be able to show repo link based on copr name and chroot    5 3 months ago 3 months ago hhorak unassigned
#1 [RFE] Implement for multilibs support on x86_64 repos    6 8 months ago a month ago kwizart unassigned