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WIP container file for the compneuro container image
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CompNeuro Fedora container image

This container image includes the same set of neuronal modelling and simulation packages included in the CompNeuro Fedora lab image:

  • bionetgen
  • calcium-calculator
  • genesis-simulator
  • moose
  • python3-brian2
  • python3-nest
  • python3-netpyne
  • python3-neuron
  • python3-PyLEMS
  • smoldyn

For more information, please refer to the NeuroFedora documentation at

The container can be pulled and run using either Podman or Docker:

$ podman pull
$ podman run -it <image name>

This will give you a terminal that you can use. You can use this image as a base image to build other images that include your simulation and other sources to share/distribute.