#338 Cloud working group wiki needs updating
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The SIG one looks OK. It's thin but that also makes it easy to just get the most important info like lists, irc, and meetings.

This is stale. Atomic Cloud isn't a thing, and links 404. Goal needs development. And in particular the useful but likely also stale points of contact section needs to be accurate and I'm not sure that it is, given this wiki was last updated 3.5 years ago.

OK I pushed some of the more timely needed changes: s/freednode/libera, meeting schedule, removed Cloud Atomic; history has the details.

Note that the current way the voting membership is determined is mentioned in this wiki in the quorum section: The definition of voting members is that of those who have self identified themselves as participants of the Working Group by adding their name here.

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10 months ago

OK as part of this I'm trying to figure out why the calendar has

Meeting "Atomic release go/no go meeting" every other week; and every other other week is the correct Meeting "Fedora Cloud Workgroup" meeting.

The other issue is how to get the correct meeting to import into Google Calendar. Right now Workstation and QA meetings import (subscribe to ical link in fedocal) work correctly; but the Cloud iCal link produces an empty result in Google Calendar.

@dustymabe if you want to make @davdunc the calendar admin, or even me, one of us can take a swing at fixing it. It's nice when the meeting times change and the calendar subscription just automatically updates it everywhere.

Hi everyone.

I have updated the PRD and I would like to request additions comments
and improvements to this first draft.

My first pass can be edited or modified in the cloud-sig fork at

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