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Welcome to the Fedora Cloud Special Interest Group! This tracker will be used to discuss new features for Fedora Cloud and also important bugs that are affecting the project. Tickets with the meeting label will be taken as agenda items during the meetings. This repo is to be used primarily for development purposes. If you are a user and have questions please use the mailing list or IRC channel.

Get Fedora Cloud

You can grab the fedora Cloud Edition base images from the Fedora Cloud Edition Downloads page

Communication channels for Fedora Cloud

  • main mailing list:
  • [Deprecated] #fedora-cloud on IRC (Libera.Chat)
  • on Matrix (


The Fedora Cloud SIG has a bi-weekly meeting. The meeting usually happens in #fedora-meeting-1 on and the schedule for the meeting can be found here:

Steps to run the meeting

  • cd to a local checkout of this repo and git pull
  • Ping meeting people in #fedora-cloud on Libera.Chat
    • bash meeting-people.txt
    • copy lines of output and paste into #fedora-cloud channel
  • Navigate to #fedora-meeting-1 on Libera.Chat
  • Type #startmeeting fedora_cloud_meeting
  • #topic roll call

Wait for 2-4 minutes for people to check in for the roll call.

  • #chair all the people present for the meeting
  • #topic Action items from last meeting

Find the last meeting log from meetbot and post the action items in the meeting for people to update the status of.

  • After they are done move to each meeting ticket from this tracker

Do the following for each ticket

  • #topic Ticket subject
  • #link link_to_the_ticket

During the meeting, you can give people action items for them to complete:

  • #action <nickname> description of what needs to be done

When all topics are over, go for open floor:

  • #topic Open Floor

After open floor, end the meeting.

  • #endmeeting

Then, when convenient:

  • Remove meeting labels from tickets that were discussed

  • Send an email to with the details of the meeting from meetbot page. Minutes in textual format are directly available using .txt as URL extension. It's easiest to get the Minutes/Minutes (text)/Log URLs by copying the footer that Meetbot prints after #endmeeting. You can see examples in the archives; the usual format follows:

Subject:  Fedora Cloud Meeting Minutes year-mm-dd


Minutes: <URL to meetbot .html>
Minutes (text): <URL to meetbot .txt>
Log:  <URL to meetbot .log.html>

<Copy/paste content of meetbot .txt>