ceph-ansible example settings

This repo contains example single-node deployment settings for Ceph for CentOS 7

Setup steps

  1. Install Ansible and Ceph Luminous repositories: sudo yum install centos-release-ansible26 centos-release-ceph-luminous

  2. Install ceph-ansible: sudo yum install ceph-ansible

  3. Copy resources from this repo into /usr/share/ceph-ansible (folder structure maps to /usr/share/ceph-ansible)

  4. Change into the ceph-ansible directory: cd /usr/share/ceph-ansible

  5. Install Ceph: sudo ansible-playbook -i ./inventory/allinone site.yml

  6. Create Ceph pool (using 128 placement groups and single copy): sudo ceph osd pool create rbd 128 && sudo ceph osd pool set rbd size 1

  7. Initialize it for usage with RBD: sudo rbd pool init rbd

  8. Create block device: sudo rbd create -s 1M test

  9. Disable features not supported by krbd: sudo rbd feature disable rbd/test object-map fast-diff deep-flatten

  10. Map the block device to /dev/rbd namespace: sudo rbd map rbd/test

  11. Enable the dashboard on port 7000 for fanciness: sudo ceph mgr module enable dashboard