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Example projects for learning how to build images using KIWI
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Project examples for CentOS image builds with KIWI

This repository contains examples for building CentOS images with the KIWI image builder.

The KIWI descriptions are stored in the *-build/ subdirectories. Refer to the KIWI documentation for more details.

Appliance build quick start


The instructions below will use the podman command, but you can easily substitute for docker and it should easily just work the same.

First, pull down the container of the required environment (Fedora 34 or newer or CentOS/RHEL 9 or newer).

For the instructions below, we'll work with CentOS Stream Hyperscale 9.

$ sudo podman pull quay.io/centoshyperscale/centos:stream9

Assuming you're in the root directory of the Git checkout, set up the container:

$ sudo podman run --privileged --rm -it -v $PWD:/code quay.io/centoshyperscale/centos:stream9 /bin/bash

Once in the container environment, set up your development environment and run the image build (we're using the trivial-build for this example):

# Change to the code location
[]$ cd /code
# Install kiwi
[]$ dnf --assumeyes install kiwi
# Run the image build
[]$ kiwi-ng system build --description ./trivial-build --target-dir ./tmpoutput

VM/Bare metal

Assuming you're using CentOS Stream 9, get KIWI installed first:

  1. Enable EPEL
  2. Install kiwi

Then you can run an image build by running the following (we using trivial-build for this example):

[]$ sudo kiwi-ng system build --description ./trivial-build --target-dir ./tmpoutput`

Note for complex-build

The complex-build description uses the KIWI profile feature to define multiple artifact types in a singular description. To build artifacts from that description, use the following command structure instead:

[]$ sudo kiwi-ng --type=<type> --profile=<profile> system build --description ./complex-build --target-dir ./tmpoutput

For example, to build an OpenStack image, run the following command:

[]$ sudo kiwi-ng --type=oem --profile=OpenStack system build --description ./complex-build --target-dir ./tmpoutput


These descriptions are licensed under the Apache Software License, version 2.0. See LICENSE for details.