#712 Duffy prod environment request
Opened 2 months ago by siddharthvipul1. Modified 10 days ago

Duffy development is complete. We have tested all open nebula functionality and need the env to deploy it. Please prepare a production deployment node that’s

  • 8 stream (or above)
  • Able to talk to seamicro chassis
  • Able to talk to open nebula cluster
  • Has networking, images, initrds, pxe configs etc in place to be able to install baremetal nodes using the existing CentOS Infra playbook

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2 months ago

hey folks, do we have any updates on this?
we wanted to test final deployment, can this be done in a day or 2 (by Tuesday end)?
Otherwise, we will go with "knowledge transfer" to an infra and releng member so that can be taken on your own time?

@siddharthvipul1 Has this been deployed in staging

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2 months ago

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2 months ago

Per meeting with @amoloney, and thenkick-off meeting around this, it was agreed that :

  • it's still blocked for production deployment
  • we can work on needed documentation for deployment steps
  • work on ansible-role-duffy to a point where we can safely run it to deploy a fresh instance
  • do some validation tests :
    • bare-metal deployment
    • opennebula VM deployment
    • migration script ran to export/import from old to new duffy
    • compatibily for existing python-cicoclient and tenants is working

Some meetings with @phsmoura , @nphilipp are now scheduled to work on this

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2 months ago

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2 months ago

Status update :

  • ansible role is more or less complete (in staging branch)
  • bare-metal deployment works (but just needs a little bit of tuning for parallelism but WIP)
  • opennebula VM deployment fully works
  • minimum compatibility test was done for legacy API endpoint

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14 days ago

Quick status update :

  • role should be now ready
  • we're exploring other options for EC2 to slowly replace bare-metal/on premises infra
  • haproxy role tested to protect api call behind https (using duffy api as backend server)
  • quotas and session-lifetime are now also "per tenants"

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