#684 dns entry for autosd.sigs.centos.org
Closed: Fixed 8 months ago by arrfab. Opened 8 months ago by pingou.

Good Morning,

The automotive SIG would like to have a DNS entry, along the lines of: autosd.sigs.centos.org pointing to
We will be adding https via letsencrypt once we have the domain.

Thanks in advance!

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8 months ago

@arrfab do we have a standard url format for sigs or will I just go with the suggested url?

As we are responsible for anything under centos.org but we won't be maintaining this server we would prefer if you could get a new domain to host it.

FRT: the RPMs present there are all built on the CentOS infrastructure, they are either coming from CentOS Stream or from the Automotive SIG work in CBS

We have created a new ticket template for these types of request for future reference but in this case if you could just provide a +1 to the terms laid out here and provide a point of contact we can go ahead and do this entry

Is this a thing we're allowed to have now? Hyperscale was turned down in #389 for a similar request...

(cc: @dcavalca)

We're +1 with those terms (pingou is away for the week). As for a contact point, maybe automotive-base@redhat.com is best, as that will reach someone active even if individuals are on PTO.

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8 months ago

Implemented, following the policy :

dig @ns1.centos.org +short +noshort autosd.sig.centos.org
autosd.sig.centos.org.  600 IN  CNAME   autosd.sig.unmanaged-by.centos.org.
autosd.sig.unmanaged-by.centos.org. 600 IN A

So http://autosd.sig.centos.org/ is now reachable .. and you can now implement hsts and TLS

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8 months ago

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