#1150 Convert signing process/machine from el7 to el9
Closed: Fixed 22 days ago by arrfab. Opened a month ago by arrfab.

Infra actually used to sign SIG rpm packages (and push artifacts out to mirror network/cdn) is still running on CentOS 7.
As we have to also work on other RFEs (and plumb more functions) we first need to verify/adapt our role, rebuild some needed packages, and test it works on .stg. env.
Once all done, we can migrate production workflow to new signing.
And then work on other tickets to add new features requests

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a month ago

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a month ago

Status update :

  • role updated (staging branch)
  • functional test working on .stg. env

Next steps :

  • provision new infra
  • announce and switch

Went live earlier today so closing

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22 days ago

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