#1039 RFE : modify sign+push process to take into account images/spins/media images
Opened 2 months ago by arrfab. Modified 13 days ago

Our currently sign+push process was designed to automate signing rpm packages, and generating repositories (signed repodata too).
As some SIGs would like to start build images (.iso images, live media, etc), we should start designing a function to plumb in that process that wouldn't even try to sign rpm packages, but rather do something else, like downloading produced media image, and push it correct location.
That can also include other things like checksum files and detached signature on it

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@tkopecek : simple question about kiwi
For image task, koji considers that it's like a pkg, so easy to then tag-build to various tasks
Example (on other koji) : https://koji.mbox.centos.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=22804

Would that work the same for a kiwi build ? Ideally SIGs would just then have to tag-build to promote to other tags (which is triggering the sign+push process)

yes, it is exactly the same

yes, it is exactly the same

Perfect ! so that means we can use the same thing but just look at some tags to see if they have rpms (and so signing these/importing/call distrepo task) or just media images and so just download build and put it in place

@ngompa , @dcavalca , @tdawson : can you try a real (non --scratch one) build but at this stage let it be in -candidate tag (it's ignored at this stage by signing+push process and we can validate that it works ? I can then write/test a simple function to start moving things around in case of a media/image build for SIGs

Sure, I'll give it a shot momentarily.

Non-scratch build fails due to unregistered package name? https://cbs.centos.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=3265887

which sounds logic if that's considered a build ? so https://sigs.centos.org/guide/cbs/#submit-a-build-on-cbs would apply (and like for a rpm pkg, one would just have to add it to the tags)

Here's a new run after registering the "package": https://cbs.centos.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=3278044

ngompa@fedora ~/S/p/c/kiwi-descriptions (c9s)> cbs add-pkg --owner=ngompa hyperscale9s-spin_media-experimental-candidate CentOS-Stream-Hyperscale-Spin-OpenStack
Adding 1 packages to tag hyperscale9s-spin_media-experimental-candidate
ngompa@fedora ~/S/p/c/kiwi-descriptions (c9s)> cbs add-pkg --owner=ngompa hyperscale9s-spin_media-experimental-testing CentOS-Stream-Hyperscale-Spin-OpenStack
Adding 1 packages to tag hyperscale9s-spin_media-experimental-testing
ngompa@fedora ~/S/p/c/kiwi-descriptions (c9s)> cbs add-pkg --owner=ngompa hyperscale9s-spin_media-experimental-release CentOS-Stream-Hyperscale-Spin-OpenStack
Adding 1 packages to tag hyperscale9s-spin_media-experimental-release
ngompa@fedora ~/S/p/c/kiwi-descriptions (c9s)> bash ~/Scripts/centos-cbs-build-c9s-hsx-spin-kiwi.sh kiwi-descriptions CentOS-Stream-Hyperscale-Spin.kiwi oem OpenStack 0.n.20230314
Created task: 3278044
Task info: https://cbs.centos.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=3278044
Watching tasks (this may be safely interrupted)...
3278044 kiwiBuild (noarch): free
3278044 kiwiBuild (noarch): free -> open (x86-5.cbs.centos.org)
  3278046 createKiwiImage (aarch64): free
  3278045 createKiwiImage (x86_64): free
  3278046 createKiwiImage (aarch64): free -> open (aarch64-01.rdu2.centos.org)
  3278045 createKiwiImage (x86_64): free -> open (x86-5.cbs.centos.org)

It looks like Koji doesn't like the *.sha256 checksum files:

BuildError: Unsupported file type: CentOS-Stream-Hyperscale-Spin-OpenStack.x86_64-9.0.0-0.n.20230314.qcow2.sha256

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