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The CentOS CI Status Database project
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Author:Pierre-Yves Chibon <>

CCSDB is a small application that stores CI results published by over fedmsg and exposes them using via simple API.


Get it running


  • Install the needed system libraries:

    sudo dnf install git python2-virtualenv


    On Fedora 23 and earlier or on RHEL and derivative (CentOS, Scientific Linux) the package python2-virtualenv is named python-virtualenv

  • Retrieve the sources:

    git clone
    cd ccsdb
  • Install dependencies

    • create the virtualenv:

      virtualenv ccsdb_enb
      source ./ccsdb_env/bin/activate
    • Install the dependencies:

      pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Run it:

  • To get some profiling information you can also run it as:

    ./ --profile

This will launch the application at

  • To run unit-tests:

    • Install the dependencies:

      pip install -r tests_requirements.txt
    • Run it: