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[Deprecated] A Jenkins shared library for deploying and managing test services in OpenShift.
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Deprecation notice

C3I project has shifted to using openshift pipelines. This repository is therefore no longer used.

C3I Library

This is a Jenkins shared library designed to make integration testing of pipeline services easier. It defines global variables with methods to ease deployment and management of ephemeral instances, suitable for testing. The currently available global variables are:

  • c3i: General utilities, including cleaning up stale resources from previous test runs.
  • pagure: Client for pagure.io .

More complete documentation is in progress.


To dynamically import this library from the master branch, add the following lines to your Jenkinsfile:

library identifier: 'c3i@master', changelog: false,
  retriever: modernSCM([$class: 'GitSCMSource', remote: 'https://pagure.io/c3i-library.git'])

See the Jenkins documentation for information on how to use this library from your pipelines.

Run unit tests

C3I Library uses Jenkins Pipeline Unit testing framework to simulate Jenkins pipeline engine and Gradle for compiling and running tests.

You can run the unit test suite with the following command:

gradle test # or `gradle test --info` to be more verbose

C3I Ansible role

Repository contains c3i ansible role for deploying C3I workflows.